Welcome To Srimongkol Group

Meeting the customer’s expectations with quality raw materials in all production processes under the trading brands BOW, TOP'S, COOL UP, PENGUIN which are well known and recognized both nationally and internationally.
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About US

Business operating as a major country manufacturer, distributor and exporter of the refreshing towel in Thailand with modern technology, clean and safe. Therefore quality products standardized and is accepted both domestically and internationally. From the experience, expertise in the refreshing towel manufacturing industry for over 20 years with a convenient and fast service is one of the unique qualities and cleanliness. Make the company's products accepted by customers and have increased sales continuously at restaurants, convenient stores, stadiums, hotels, entertainment complexes, petrol stations and public transport services.

With fast and convenient services, guaranteed delivery within 3 business days in Bangkok and the surrounding area.

CEO - at Srimongkol Group

Manufacturing of the refreshing towel, refreshing tissue, wet wipes under the OEM brand by adjusting materials and details as customer’s need.

CEO - at Srimongkol Group

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